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Administrator 2015It is an honor and privilege to be the principal of a wonderful place for teaching and learning. I am excited about the opportunities children have here at Wilder to grow academically as well as build on positive character traits. I encourage you to be actively involved as well as engaged in your child’s education at home as well as at Wilder. We look forward to partnering with you on this amazing experience with your child.

Yours in Academics,

David A. Wright


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Information Regarding Third Grade Retention


Many of our children are brought or picked up by car each day at Wilder. The majority of parents do an excellent job with following the designed student drop-off and pick-up procedures. However, children as well as parents are in danger of injury or even death because basic traffic routes and procedures are not being followed by all.

The following are the procedures to help keep children, staff, and parents safe:

  • Please follow the directions of posted school signs and staff on duty.
  • Please do not park in the exits or on the curves.
  • Please enter and exit at a slow speed.
  • Please drop students off and pick up students at the covered sidewalk in front of the school.
  • Please do not drop off and leave students prior to 6:50 AM.
  • If you choose to park and walk students in/out, please park in a parking place in the school parking lot and follow the directions of the crossing guard or staff on duty.
  • Please refrain from using your cell phone while in the process of dropping off or picking up a student.
  • Please have children in the back seat and buckled in correctly.
  • If the line has reached the entry gate, please get in line on South Main or circle the school block to get in line on South Main. There is only one entry into the school parking lot.
  • The line is very short by 2:30, so coming a little later may be a better option.

An accident that injures any of the Wilder family will be devastating. Please follow safe practices and help prevent an accident from occurring.

Yours in Safety,

David A. Wright, Principal

Wilder Elementary School




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