The Media Center has a collection of approximately 17,000 volumes.

Destiny is our digital catalog. You can use Destiny to explore the books in the library and  the electronic (eBooks) online.


Destiny from school:
Destiny from home: 


The Media Center’s Destiny Catalog contains approximately 1100 eBooks.  At school, you can locate these by clicking here.

Select Wilder Elementary Library.  Select Catalog.  Specify Material type – Electronic Resources (eBooks)Search by keyword/title/author/subject/series. You can also browse the entire list of eBooks by leaving the Find box empty.  Select a title from the list of eBooks.  Click Open to read it.

Please note: Some eBooks (Follett’s) will not open without entering a username and password which can be obtained from the Media Specialist.

We also have access to nearly 1300 ABDO eBooks.  These are located at the Capstone Library site.  Again, a username and password from the Media Specialist are required.