Parent Conferences and Visitation
Supply Lists

Kindergarten Supply List

2-Mead Primary Journals
1 pair of Headphones
24 ct. pack of Crayola Crayons
1-Pencil Pouch
4-Jumbo Glue Sticks
2 pairs of Round Tip Scissors
24 ct. pencils
1 bx. Quart Ziploc Bags
1 bx. Box of Kleenex Tissue
1 bottle of Liquid Hand soap
1 bottle of hand sanitizer
1 pk. Baby wipes

1st Grade Supply List

*1 1-inch binder

*1 pair of scissors

*4 glue sticks/1 Bottle of white glue

*1 pack of crayons

*1 Hard pencil box

*4 1 subject notebooks or composition books

*2 packs Yellow #2 pencils

Second Grade Supply List

Items to leave at school:

(3) composition notebooks (black/white marble/regular paper inside)

(2) Hi-Liters

(8) glue sticks

(2) folders (with prongs or without is fine) plastic ones last longer

(1) packs of crayons (24 count)

(4) packs of pencils (No. 2) will need more later in the year

(2) black dry erase markers

(2) packs of loose leaf notebook paper (wide rule)

(1) pair of scissors

(1) pencil box with snap shut lid

(1) book bag to bring to school everyday (NO WHEELS PLEASE)

**Items to have at home each night for homework

       (pencils, crayons, scissors and a glue stick)

**Items that are brought to school for school use will not go home.



      Ziploc bags (gallon and quart size)·

        Hand sanitizer

3rd Grade School Supply list

3 ring binder (2 inch) 

1 Zippered pencil bag  (no pencil boxes please)

5 composition notebooks

2-3  packs of Wide-ruled loose leaf paper

#2 Pencils ( No Mechanical pencils)


Crayons/colored pencils


4 jumbo glue sticks

1-2 Highlighters

1 box gallon sized Ziploc bags

1 box Kleenex

1 bottle hand sanitizer


Plastic pocket folder with brads

2 more folders of any kind

2 composition notebooks

                                                        3 subject spiral
                                                    ear buds/headphones


Book bag (no wheels) 

1 zippered pencil pouch 

6 composition notebooks

Crayons/colored pencils


Glue sticks

Loose-leaf paper


2 boxes of tissue for the class

1 bottle of hand sanitizer

1 container of disinfecting wipes or spray

Earbuds or headphones