Please understand that students are released by  2:15 p.m. and are required to follow the designated drop off areas listed below. We also ask that you not sign your child out early after 1:45  p.m. unless there is an emergency or doctor’s appointment.

CAR RIDERS-The horseshoe on S. Main St. is the only drop/off pick up area.  If you have a conference, we ask that you park in the parking spaces provided in the front of the school.

WALKERS-All walkers will exit at the front walker gate by the school marquee on South Main  or through the Pavilion gate on South Main. Parents please do not park in the church parking lot or on Newberry and South Main.

DAY CARE RIDERS -If the day care bus arrives before 2:30, day care riders will report to the bus port. After 2:30, day care riders will report to the front car pick up.

BUS RIDERS-All bus riders report to the bus port at the end of the 100 Bldg (4th grade hall). Special needs bus riders report to the bus port on Floral Ave (back of the school).