2022-2023 SIC State Finalist Dick and Tunky Award

The School Improvement Council is composed of parents, teachers, community members, and students. The council assists in preparation of the five-year School Renewal Plans and annual updates, which are required by the state. They also assist with the development and innovation, provide advice on the use of school incentive grants, and provide other assistance as the principal may request.

For questions or concerns concerning the school improvement council, please contact Mr. Michael Riggins.


Annual Report to the Parents 22-23


Wilder 22-23 SIC

Last Name First Name Title Updated
1. Glosson Ryan Parent (Chair)
2. Mouradjian Rebecca Parent
3. Robison Tara Parent
4. Scott Mary Teacher
5. Turner Kendra Teacher
6. Yates Regan Teacher

Appointed Members

  Last Name First Name Title
1. Gadson Barney Community Member
2. Newman Verne Community Member
3. Walters Megan Community Member

Ex-officio Members

  Last Name First Name Title
1. Riggins Michael Principal


Wilder’s School Improvement Council will impact student achievement by providing social emotional support to impact the areas of literacy, math, and behavior.

Our School Improvement Council has gone to work analyzing data and developing strategies to address school wide issues.

After much collaboration, our School Improvement Council promotes accelerating student achievement and moving past COVID.